Episode 29: David Sharp

In Episode 29, we welcome David Sharp back to Mark of the Maker.  David was kind enough to help us with our Loveless history episode and this time we talk with David about his own knifemaking journey. We talk about David’s background, his unique path into knifemaking, his preferences in design and style and a bit about what makes him tick outside the knife world.

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Mark of the Maker Mugs from Deneen Pottery

Our friends at Deneen Pottery put together another batch of MotM Mugs! These German Tankards are around 16 ounces, so you can use them for a healthy cup of coffee or a pint of your favorite brew. They are Navy Blue with Cinnamon White glaze, in a limited hand-numbered run of 75 pieces. The new larger mugs are $40 each + Shipping. Tom Krein and his crew are handling these, so hit the web store on Tom’s website to grab one.

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