Episode 27: Show Etiquette Remixed

Blade Show is coming up fast, so we wanted to revisit the topic of show etiquette. Knife shows are a great experience, both for knives and for the social aspect. The first 30 minutes of this episode is new content and the addition of some topics we didn’t catch last time. The remainder is a remastered version of Episode 11, dedicated to show etiquette. Follow us on Instagram @markofthemaker or join our discussion group on Facebook.

Episode 26: Loveless Knives

The crew digs into the history and work of one of the world’s most influential knife makers, Bob Loveless. Special guest and knifemaker David Sharp joins us, a student of the Loveless Knives style and a friend of Jim Merritt and the Merritt family. David shares some additional insights into the “how” and “why” behind the Loveless Knives formula, as we walk through the timeline together. Follow us on Instagram @markofthemaker or join our discussion group on Facebook.

(Bonus) Minisode: Inside the Knifemaker’s Head

With the solitary world many custom makers function in, sometimes the need for a bit of maintenance goes beyond the machines and into the mind. Michael and Sean discuss some of these challenges and how they try to deal with them. Many of you may find similar things rattling around upstairs, knifemaker or otherwise. This one gets a bit personal, hope you find it enlightening or helpful in some way.