Episode 113: The Story of Knife Steel

Dr. Larrin Thomas joins us for a well-overdue visit to talk about his book The Story of Knife Steel: Innovators Behind Modern Damascus and Super Steels. It’s a fantastic book and one you should add to your collection, with an incredibly deep and well-researched pile of information. Larrin walks us through some great stories about various steels and the people behind them. You can find Larrin’s new book and ways to support his knife steel research at his website Knife Steel Nerds. We recommend the hardcover!

As always, see our friend George at American Metal Xchange for your titanium and exotic knifemaking material needs. Always free shipping with George.

Also, check out the latest from our friends at Giant Mouse Knives and their new GM11 and GMP11 models, as well as the new Biblio XL, which is receiving rave reviews.

Bob Terzuola’s new subscription series “Shop Talk” is available now at Terzuola.net for those wanting to expand their knowledge and get tips on knifemaking directly from a true living legend. The 11-part video series “A Sharp Life” will be available soon at the website as well.

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