Welcome to Mark of the Maker!

Welcome to Mark of the Maker podcast!  Our show is a panel discussion with renowned custom knife makers Tom Krein, Sean Kendrick, Michael Burch and hosted by Mark Stheiner.  The format is much like a group of friends, sitting down in The Pit at Blade Show, talking about life, knives and knifemaking.

We have lots of things planned for the show and hope you are looking forward to it as much as we are.  There will be topical discussions, conversations, and interviews with knifemakers, collectors and notable personalities in and around the custom knife world.

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The podcast is free and should be accessible from any device with internet access.  Easiest way for many is to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, but we are also available on Google Play Music, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, YouTube, or you can listen directly, right here at the website.  Just scroll down for the episodes themselves. Thanks for listening!

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Show Etiquette Remixed

Blade Show is coming up fast, so we wanted to revisit the topic of show etiquette. Knife shows are a great experience, both for knives and for the social aspect. The first 30 minutes of this episode is new content and the addition of some topics we didn’t catch last time. The remainder is a remastered version of Episode 11, dedicated to show etiquette. Follow us on Instagram @markofthemaker or join our discussion group on Facebook.

Mark of the Maker Mugs from Deneen Pottery

Our friends at Deneen Pottery put together another batch of MotM Mugs! These German Tankards are around 16 ounces, so you can use them for a healthy cup of coffee or a pint of your favorite brew. They are Navy Blue with Cinnamon White glaze, in a limited hand-numbered run of 75 pieces. The new larger mugs are $40 each + Shipping. Tom Krein and his crew are handling these, so hit the web store on Tom’s website to grab one.

To purchase, hit the Krein Knives website: LINK

Episode 26: Loveless Knives

The crew digs into the history and work of one of the world’s most influential knife makers, Bob Loveless. Special guest and knifemaker David Sharp joins us, a student of the Loveless Knives style and a friend of Jim Merritt and the Merritt family. David shares some additional insights into the “how” and “why” behind the Loveless Knives formula, as we walk through the timeline together. Follow us on Instagram @markofthemaker or join our discussion group on Facebook.

(Bonus) Minisode: Inside the Knifemaker’s Head

With the solitary world many custom makers function in, sometimes the need for a bit of maintenance goes beyond the machines and into the mind. Michael and Sean discuss some of these challenges and how they try to deal with them. Many of you may find similar things rattling around upstairs, knifemaker or otherwise. This one gets a bit personal, hope you find it enlightening or helpful in some way.

(Bonus) Minisode: Hatchets, Axes and Tomahawks (Oh my!)

In this minisode, Tom talks about his love of hatchets, axes and tomahawks.  We chat about both traditional and tactical styles and discuss a few great makers and designs out there today.  This minisode ran a bit longer than usual, but we expect it’s one you’ll enjoy.  Did we miss your favorite axe or tomahawk maker or design?  Let us know!  Follow us on Instagram @markofthemaker or join our discussion group on Facebook.

Episode 25: Chris Taylor

We are joined by knifemaker Chris Taylor of Taylor Made Knives in this episode.  Chris tells us about his life, his work and how he came into the knife making world.  Although he isn’t a really a new maker, he’s new to the “big show” scene and we discuss some of the challenges that newer makers face as their work becomes more well known and in demand.  We touch on what the guys are working on, the fancy new tool Tom has incoming and some MotM merch we’ve got in the works. Follow us on Instagram @markofthemaker or join our discussion group on Facebook.

Episode 24: Questions and More Questions

We had questions for one another, about life and about knifemaking – so we asked them. These turned into discussions that we thought you might find interesting or helpful. Topics range from music to back pain to knife making processes and belt selection and even a conversation about cars. Definitely a ramble and one that ran longer than any of us expected. We enjoyed the chat, and hope you will as well. Follow us on Instagram @markofthemaker or join our discussion group on Facebook.

Episode 23: Jeremy Marsh

Custom knifemaker Jeremy Marsh joins us this time on Mark of the Maker. Jeremy is a toolmaker by trade and he explains how his experiences as a tool and die maker helped him gain the skills to form the basis of his craft. As seems to often be the case, his background has some common touchpoints with our own but for sure, Jeremy’s story is unique. We talk knives, knife shows, and about how the pursuit of perfection is a common thread between craftsmen of all types. Follow us on Instagram @markofthemaker or join our discussion group on Facebook.