Episode 115: Allure of the Obscure

Dive into a fresh picks episode with us!  For this one, we pull in some unusual or obscure pieces in a few different categories.  Obscure doesn’t mean junk, just things we dug up from various dusty corners of the internet and our old knife books. We love this kind of stuff, hope you do too!

Check out the latest from our friends at Giant Mouse Knives and their new GM11 and GMP11 models, as well as the new Biblio XL, which is receiving rave reviews.

Bob Terzuola’s new subscription series “Shop Talk” is available now at Terzuola.net for those wanting to expand their knowledge and get tips on knifemaking directly from a true living legend. The 11-part video series “A Sharp Life” will be available soon at the website as well.

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