40K Part Deux

Did you enjoy our previous episode about the weapons of Warhamer 40,000? If so, here’s another for you to check out – and if not, go back and listen to the first one! Sean takes Mark and Tom on another journey into the grim darkness of the future, diving into the lore and some crazy weapons from that game and its massive ecosystem of accompanying literature.

Check out the latest from our friends at Giant Mouse Knives and their new GM11 and GMP11 models, as well as the new Biblio XL, which is receiving rave reviews.

Bob Terzuola’s new subscription series “Shop Talk” is available now at Terzuola.net for those wanting to expand their knowledge and get tips on knifemaking directly from a true living legend. The 11-part video series “A Sharp Life” is also available now and is also a great resource for any knifemaker.

Coming up quick is the Pacific Northwest Custom Invitational knife show! July 20th from 11:00am to 5:00pm in Seaside, OR. This one is put on by some Friends of The Show and is a guaranteed winner of an experience. A great lineup of makers, firearms companies, and an evening afterglow on the beach. All on the beautiful Pacific Northwest coastline. Get details at the PNWCI Website.

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